Metabolic Aftershock Review

Metabolic Aftershock is a new program from Dr Jade Teta that claims to have you boosting your metabolism with just 45 seconds of activity (yes, seconds, not minutes!). In this Metabolic Aftershock review, we’ll look at these claims and whether they seem to be justified.

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What is the Metabolic Aftershock program?

Jade Teta photo

Dr Jade Teta

Metabolic Aftershock is a system of quick and intense exercise with rests between, designed to boost your metabolism and help you lose fat fast. It’s been developed by Dr Jade Teta, an integrative physician who runs a metabolic clinic in North Carolina.

For women, I recommend Jade’s new program, Metabolic Renewal – see a review here.

Dr Teta says you’ll see results quickly, and you don’t have to struggle for them. Each exercise lasts just 45 seconds and the total workout time is 15 minutes, so you can easily fit it into your day, however busy you are.

You don’t need any equipment and you don’t have to join a gym.

You’ll get a full set of videos of different, short workouts that you can do, and none of them require special equipment. You can select either instant download or DVDs shipped to your home. So you can do your 15 minute workout any time, any place.

You don’t even have to do it every day – just three times a week is enough, according to Dr Teta. It’s a question of knowing exactly how to work the muscles at maximum intensity for minimum effort. And with this level of intensity, your metabolism needs to rest between sessions. In fact, most of the fat burning effect happens after a workout, not during.

Dr Teta even found that the more a person rests during an intense workout, the MORE fat they burn.

So let’s ask the big question…

Does Metabolic Aftershock work?

Metabolic Aftershock certainly should work, because it’s been developed from clinical results. Jade Teta found what works for his clinical clients, and designed this program to bring the same results to a wider public. This isn’t one of those programs that tell you what to do first, and tests it later. But whether it will suit you, depends on whether you’re the same type of person as his clients.

A lot of these people were overweight. Those who weren’t, were ‘skinny fat’ – within the government’s weight guidelines but flabby and unfit. There are plenty of Metabolic Aftershock reviews and some of their before and after photos on the Metabolic Prime website here.

The program has also been tested for safety. Jade Teta says, “The moves have been tested on thousands of people to ensure they don’t strain joints, pressure the lower back or put you at risk for pulling a muscle or worse.” There are 3 different levels for each move – easy, medium and advanced – so you can start gently and avoid putting your muscles under any stress.

It’s true that losing fat generally helps people to feel fitter, look younger and enjoy life more. Of course, you will need to combine the program with a relatively healthy diet if you want to lose a lot of weight – or at least, be sure not to eat more to make up for the fat you’re burning. You don’t necessarily have to count calories, but at least take notice of the dietary advice in the program.

On the website you’ll find details of a study published in the scientific Journal of Obesity showing how many more calories a person burns after an intense workout, than after a regular cardio workout.

Who can benefit from Metabolic Aftershock

Jade Teta says that most people who want to tone up and lose fat could benefit from his Metabolic Aftershock program, but it’s especially good for people who are getting a little older – say age 35 and above.

This is because at this age, regular exercise programs that you may have followed when you were young, start to become dangerous. Long cardio sessions (distance running, etc) can stress the heart and the joints, especially if you’ve had injuries in the past, or if your body is carrying a little too much weight.

And if you start an exercise program and then stop because it’s too challenging, you can end up fatter and sicker than you were, because the muscle you’ve built quickly turns to extra fat.

You need a program that is simple, easy and quick, so you can stick to it, whatever your age. The “intelligent exercise” program laid out in Jade Teta’s Metabolic Aftershock system could be the perfect answer.

Who might not benefit from the program

This program may not be for you if you’re already doing a lot of exercise that you enjoy – e.g. if you’re a real gym bunny who loves the atmosphere of a gym, and working out with a lot of machines.

This program is more for people who don’t like doing exercise but want to shape up, or for people who have trouble finding the time or money for long gym workout sessions.

You do have to be prepared to push yourself for a short time, three times a week. There’s no “magic pill” that will enable you to burn fat and tone your body with no effort at all.

Of course, if you have health issues, you should talk to your doctor before undertaking any exercise program. And remember to take rests whenever you need them – because with this program, they actually help you burn more fat, faster!

Cost, guarantees, and where to buy Metabolic Aftershock

Metabolic Aftershock DVDsMetabolic Aftershock has now been updated and relaunched as Metabolic Prime. Metabolic Aftershock cost $47. The initial launch price for Metabolic Prime is $37, for the instant download version, plus shipping and handling if you also want DVDs shipped to your home. The shipping cost depends on where you live in the world. After the initial launch period, the price will increase. See today’s price here

Even at the higher price, it’s a lot less than you’d pay for a personal trainer – or to follow the same program with Jade Teta in his own clinic.

He’s asking for feedback for the copies sent out at the launch price, but you don’t have to use your real name or supply photos, if you don’t want to. Just let him know what your results were, on the program.

There’s a full 90 day money back guarantee, so you can return it for a refund (less S&H) if you’re not satisfied.

You won’t find the Metabolic Aftershock system in stores, on Amazon or anywhere on the internet except the official website – see the link at the end of this review.

Metabolic Aftershock review summary

We’re always being told to “work smarter, not harder” – Metabolic Aftershock could be the plan for you if you want to know how to “work out smarter, not harder”!

And there’s NO long video with this one, folks – you can see the whole thing laid out in words and pictures on the page. I recommend you go and take a quick look right now:

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(previously Metabolic Aftershock)

Metabolic Aftershock DVDs

65 comments on “Metabolic Aftershock Review

  1. Tee

    I downloaded the videos from a website September of last year. I wanted to download all videos to get back on exercising but I couldn’t even access the site. Now I’m thinking I might have a run for the money.

  2. Helene Empsall

    Hi Rosemary.
    Just re-read my message and whoops there’s a typo. I’m between 85-100 pounds overweight not 200+lbs overweight, thankfully.
    I still need to desperately do something though and FAST.
    My son’s university graduation in July. I want him to feel as proud of me as I do him.

  3. Helene Empsall

    Hi Rosemary C. I have read these comments here and realise that you don’t work for the company but wonder if you could give me a way of contacting them? I purchased the download version of the metabolic aftershock in November 2015. All I got was the introductory page! I contacted through the payment people and was emailed further instructions. But I never got anything. Then my personal life went haywire and I couldn’t chase it. I have just been offered the metabolic Prime now by email.
    I WANT to believe this can work for me. At 52yrs and over 200lbs over weight and now working full time again to support myself after marriage breakdown and separation, I need something that WONT waste my money or time. Who and HOW can I contact Dr Jade Teta, or who runs the delivery? Please.
    Or please tell me a safe website to order Prime from and I may be able to chase up what happened to my original order from there! Regards.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Helene,
      You can contact them at
      The download version is based around videos that you access online, so you are sent login details and from there you can save the videos to your own computer. There’s not much for them to send you, just your login and password. If you look again at what you were sent, you may find the login details are there and you can access it. If not, you’ll need to contact support.
      I hope that helps!

      1. Helene Empsall

        Thank you Rosemary. Will chase this up and let you know, in case anyone else comes across the same problem.

  4. Karen

    I wish he’d have the same passion for short and sweet during his presentation. I don’t think even 10 minutes would be necessary rather than however long it went – I inadvertently stopped it after about 20. Frankly, all the personal testimonials wound up putting me off rather than ramping me up. After 5-6 if you aren’t convinced the rest of it’s a waste, same if you are convinced. All the rest comes across (at least for me) as boasting and that wastes time.

  5. Sherry

    Hi. I was interested in the program, but after I did my test I listened to the video for about 30 minutes. It said I was a muscle burner I believe. I got a phone call and I ended up losing the video. I go to my email and it says I’m a sugar burner. So I was unsure about ordering, because I don’t know if the eating programs are set up differently for two different types. I’m not sure what to do at this point having been given two different diagnosis. I thought about taking the test again, with another email address. ??? Unsure of what to do.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Sherry, sorry for the delay in getting to your comment. It went in my spam and I didn’t see it.

      I don’t work for the company, and you’d need to contact them to find out for sure, but as far as I know, there is only one Metabolic Aftershock program. How you use it might be different, so you might want to take the test again, because you were interrupted. I hope that helps!

  6. Lu

    Hi, I am researching and interested in weight loss and increasing my metabolism. I am wheelchair-bound and nearly 300 lbs. My legs can hold weight to use a walker, but due to a stroke, I have no balance. Can you help me at all?

  7. Michal

    I have a very bad feeling here. I just fed my credit card details into the purchase link. There is a button telling me not to quit because that might cause double orders. For the last 15 minutes I have been watching a video that tries to make me buy some more stuff. I am not given the chance to skip and can’t go back either. I realy hope the program is worth it, and isn’t just a way to trap me into purchasing.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      Hi Michal, in my experience you can just close that screen with the video. Don’t try to go back, just X it, then it won’t cause double orders or any other problem. They send an email with your login details, and you can open a new window, log in and download the downloadable version right away. Check your email, including spam folder if you don’t see it right away.

  8. Zee

    Year ago I gave birth to baby boy. As mother of a year old that still eats during night 2 -3 times and there are days and nights I deal with teeting pains what can i say about this program accept : where have you been all my life ?!?!? lol !

    Month ago I started program and I lost 10 lbs as well 3″ around chest and waist and 2″ hips.

    Want to mention i am 70 lbs overweight. Now am 60. Its been hard for me even before I got pregnant to keep up with any exercise program more than 2 -3 weeks. I would just crash and for another 2 months i couldnt even think of it. I was so fatique.
    So i just kept gaining weight.
    Beside starting month ago this program i changed diet. Which just helped even more to such succesful weight loss. No bread rice pasta potatos. I already feel like i lost the rest of 60 lbs. Really. So light.
    This program is perfect for mothers ans busy people.
    What got me to start was 15 min of exercise and 5 min burning session at the end. Mondays ,Wednesdays and Fridays. What is even better is that you can rest during exercise as much as body needs it. It works magic.
    Thank you Jade…

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      I have no idea! I don’t count them. Anyway, you go at your own pace with the workouts, taking rests as needed, so different people would burn different amounts.

  9. Julie

    I’m getting ready to start the program and had a question about calories. I know this program doesn’t count calories, but is there a number of calories that should be consumed a day? The 7 day rapid result says to drink a naked shake for two meals and a normal meal for dinner. This would put you at around 1000 calories if your dinner is 600 calories.

    1. Rosemary C Post author

      I don’t count calories, and I don’t remember anything suggesting drinking the shake for two meals (I probably missed that option or decided it wasn’t for me). I guess it’s only for 7 days, but personally, I would eat more (at dinner I guess).

  10. Isabel V.

    I just starting my 4th week on this program and I LOVE it! It’s great for toning – I was already on a specialized diet because I have problems with my kidneys and gallbladder and my naturalist put me on a diet since I was about 50 lbs overweight. I had already lost about 40 lbs from the diet alone, but I had loose skin and it was not attractive! Yoga wasn’t helping so I stopped and walking 2 miles every morning wasn’t helping at all and just took too much time out of my day. I thought this program would help me out with toning up and it really has. I’m doing the workout 3 times a week – started at beginner and by the end of my 3rd week I’m at intermediate. In just 3 weeks I’m able to fit into clothes that wouldn’t fit a couple of weeks before and I’m sleeping better and have a much better outlook. I also do the optional burnout after the 15 minutes, for the extra fat burn and toning. The results are amazing and everyone keeps telling me how good I look, which really helps my confidence. If you’re thinking about starting, I highly recommend it, but will say that the results really are up to you and the amount of effort you decide to invest. You are in charge so don’t be afraid to try because of injuries (modify when you need it-I do!) and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself when you feel ready. I can’t wait to see my results at the end of the program!

  11. Emy

    I am trying to use a fitness tracker like My Fitness Pal to track eating, exercise etc. Do you know on average how many calories are burned in a 15 minute session of Metabolic Aftershock?


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